Video IVR


Nodody likes a faceless phone menu, where the options are confusing, the hold-times are painful, and you have to wait for what feels like a month on a premium-rate number to get inexplicably cut off.


Humans like to speak to humans, and thats what makes better customers, better service and a likeable business. Thats why in this modern age of communication convergence, we have the perfect way to be reached by your clients and prospects.


Goodbye telephone hell. Step forwards Video-IVR.


How Is That Possible?

When you have the right tools, its painfully simple. All you need to know is who works at your company!:

  1. Customers go to your portal, and select which department they need.
  2. Your staff are already available to accept calls, or can pre-schedule calls for specific events or people.
  3. All sessions can be recorded, and you get real-time data on who called which service and for how long.
  4. Use the visual tool to monitor your staff availability in real-time, and improve your customer service.
  5. Every single element is entirely browser based. No software!


Imagine running the sales department, and being able to see the availability-status of all your desk-based staff just by clicking a link in a browser. Imagine being able to visualy query the activity of every single customer call as they happen. Imagine deploying this across your entire global organisation without doing anything to the computers.


We are already in the world of tomorrow.

That Has To Be Expensive...

Why should it? Good ideas don't need to breed extortionate contracts. We are passionate about improving everyone else's business alongside our own, therefore we want you to join this revoluton!:

  • Pay per minute
  • Bundled packages from $80 / £49
  • Rolling monthly contract
  • No set-up costs necessary




Contact us anytime for a friendly and relaxed chat about what we offer, and how it may help your business.


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